About Us

Yensabai Condotel


We at Pattaya Yensabai Realty have been among the first successful known professional developer families in Pattaya even before the L.K. Group. We have decades of expertise in property development, construction, and management. Yen Sabai Property Management is determined to keep market mix equating both quality and price together. We believe that high quality and reasonable price dictates the future of all businesses. Therefore you will see above standard elements in our property developments from marble floors to high powered air conditioners.

The ‘late’ Mr. Lek Tanjasiri was the founder and developer of: Yen Sabai Condotel
,Yen Sabai Mansion, Yen Sabai Shop houses, Pattaya Yensabai Realty Co.,LTD and surrounding land and properties from the beginning of Pattaya’s development. His years of dedication and expertise had made him one of Pattaya’s fairest property developers and realtors. Continuing his legacy of property management and marketing is Ms. Aimon “Ann” Tanjasiri C.E.O. & juristic manager of Yensabai Condotel